Why choose Shopify for your Singapore Ecommerce Website Choice

Why choose Shopify for your Singapore Ecommerce Website Choice

Why choose Shopify for your Singapore Ecommerce Website Choice – There are many options that you can take when it comes to choosing which platform to use for your E-Commerce Website. Most businesses will have heard of wordpress and the rest will hear of Shopify. We are designers and developers of Shopify and we will be sharing with you some of the reasons why we think we will prefer using shopify for our customers over using WooCommerce which is part of wordpress.

Why choose Shopify for your Singapore Ecommerce Website Choice

E-Commerce has taken over traditional commerce with quite a bang. Gone are the days when people will go to malls and pick up a branded item and queue to get that item paid and go home. E-Commerce has been a big boom not only in the west but also the east and with it a great deal of commerce websites such as Alibaba, E-Bay.

So what makes shopify stand out for us, we will be sharing a few pointers and we would love to hear from you on why you will choose Shopify over other options:

1. E-Commerce shop owners don’t need very complicated systems

Most E-Commerce shop owners think that they will hit gold the moment they start selling but this is not true. Most people end up spending a lot to build systems that actually do not need so much effort to run. Systems that are highly customized only serve proper purpose when they have quite a strong background of sales already.

This is one thing that most owners need to know and learn from.

Using Shopify allows you easy access to information and also with the app to let you get information on the go. This is what most business owners need and will appreciate to have. This is also something that most business owners need to realize that they will want to start small and simple and then scale up from there.

Don’t burn your budget early with customized systems. Use one that is beautifully designed and get someone like Avant Webs to do the design work for you!

2. Shopify is very very easy to use

WooCommerce for those who have used it before, is quite an heavy system. Yes it is free which some might want to be enticed by, but most of the basic functions are really basic, if you really want to run a good business you need to pay.

And the system is slow and full of useless items and we at Avant Webs do not really enjoy working with.

Shopify is clean and clear and the buttons and functions are very easy to understand and pick up. Even idiots with no experience can pick it up easily.

3. Shopify has a great alert and report system

The great thing about Shopify is that their basic packages gives you a good item of what item to sell more of and also which item does customers stay the longest. This is great for the budding owners because you will be able to spend more effort trying to push that product that is getting more attention.

Their alert system through the app and email also allows you to stay in touch with your website and also your sales on the go. This is great for someone who probably have another work or business while trying to start this business by the side.

4. Shopify is cheap to manage

With a monthly fee of $29 USD, this platform is cheap to manage and maintain. Compared to other platforms, this might be slightly more costly but you end up with very good features for a small amount like this.

Also there are great features that are definitely worth the fees.

5. Shopify has many great designers and developers

Because this platform is popular with the world, there are many options of developers and designers including us. The importance of having a platform or language allows you the opportunity to work with more people and therefore will not be stuck with just one provider.

If you are are stuck with one provider you end up having to go back to them even if you are not happy. This ease of change is very important in the ever changing game of E-Commerce.

Avant Webs works closely with very talented designers and we are glad to be able to deliver high quality work for our customers.

So here are all the reasons on Why choose Shopify for your Singapore Ecommerce Website Choice.


Avant Webs works closely with customers to digitalize their business. If you are keen to work with us to get your business online, speak to us now!


Why choose Shopify for your Singapore Ecommerce Website Choice

Why you should build a responsive site in 2018

Why you should build a responsive site in 2018

Why you should build a responsive site in 2018 – Building websites are one of the best ways for businesses to reach out to the world. Gone are the days when paper and TV media is working to help you grow your business. There has been a time when brands will use such medias to get to buyers but not now anymore.

Most businesses have gone online and use the websites they build and also search engines and social media to build a following to the business and also to brand themselves as a brand that can be trusted and to work closely with the brand to derive some form of happiness and also some form of joy when they buy something from them and receive the products in a few days time.

This is also important because most business do not realize how important it is to have a well built website that can allow viewers to not just have a good experience when they access it from the laptop or desktop but also the mobile.

Why you should build a responsive site in 2018

Mobile is so prevalent now, in some developed countries and cities, they number of devices can be more than the population itself. Most people buy and consume through the mobile phone and are able to get what they need to get done on their phones and this is one thing that most businesses will need to pay close attention to.

So in this time and age of 2018, there is a need to have a responsive site that will help you get the customers that you need.

So what are some of the main reasons that you should build a responsive website in 2018:

1. Responsive sites are great for SEO, because of mobile rankings

SEO has been evolving for many years and this is one thing that most people don’t know but google knows that mobile is becoming a big part and recently it has shifted to make sure that responsiveness of a site is more important by giving more emphasis on sites being able to be seen properly on a mobile screen. If it doesn’t work well, expect not to rank well.

Most businesses that want to do well and rank well will know that they have to invest money and time to make sure their site works well on mobile and therefore commit resources into it so that they can do well.

Responsive sites are important also because the loading speeds are improved and this is one other factor when it comes to getting a good website.

2. Responsive sites will allow your customers and viewers to have a better experience

Responsive sites also allow for pictures and words to be bigger on the screen. When you have websites that do not support this, you have to scroll and zoom in to take a look at the content which is not a good way of experiencing the site.

Like any shop they will want you to experience a kind of good feeling before you buy. Same for websites, there is an added importance to user experience nowadays and a Responsive site is one of the few ways that can help you to improve that.


3. Responsive sites allow you to cut away information that you don’t really need to show your mobile customers

Responsive sites should cut to the chase when it comes to information delivery.

The most important thing is to sell the customer what you want to sell them and this is one thing that most sites don’t do well. You should convince them that you are a good person to work with and also to get them to call you so that you have a chance of closing them for the business.

Responsive sites allow you to cut some information you don’t wish to show and allow you to be able to be more targeted.




Why you should build a responsive site in 2018